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Translated from Vietnamese

A Crafting Class to Remember.

At a silver jewelry crafting class (District 3, HCMC) young people choose a model, measure their hand size, shape rings, weld, grind, and polish by manual methods entirely by hand. hand. Thanks to the support of the instructor, the people, even though they have never learned Jewelry design, confidently made a silver ring according to their wishes in just 2 hours.

Ms. Tran Hien Dieu (Owner and instructor) said that she has the desire to share her experience in jewelry making, so that one can better understand jewelry and the real value of handmade items to young people and foreigners alike. She only organizes it for groups under 6 people to create a safe space.

“Experience making a finished product with your own hands”

“I want young people to experience making a finished product with their own hands, which may not be perfect, but you also put your heart into it to bring back as a gift for your mother or girlfriend. Without going to the store to buy flowers, or buying ready-made products, this will definitely be more meaningful if do it yourself,” added Ms. Dieu.

Luis Faus (Spanish) confided that he knew about the class on social networks, so he was curious to try it out. “I made a custom-designed ring for my girlfriend, and because I’m new to it, it takes a lot of time and I have to ask the instructor a lot. I hope when my girlfriend receives this ring she will be happy and cherished. I love it because it’s my own handmade special gift for her.”

“A gift for my mother”

Tran Dang Phuong Thao (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) also shared: “I made it for my mother for the upcoming March 8. My Mom doesn’t like flowers, usually dad will take her to eat, so I want to do something myself. I made a special gift for my mother and this is also the first handmade gift that I made with the hope that my mother will be healthy and  happy with me and my three children.”

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