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Our Studio Workshop

As an extension of our ever-growing brand, in 2020, we have opened our creative space – Ddreamer Jewelry Making Studio, where we bring the jewelry making experience accessible to the community through our jewelry making workshops. We pride ourselves on being the only studio in Vietnam at the moment where everybody can experience & get to know more about traditional Vietnamese silversmithing in a fun and interesting manner.

Ddreamer Studio runs jewelry making workshops where you can experience & learn how to make handmade silver jewelry from scratch.

Our workshops are from basic to advanced including making rings – bangles – necklaces – earrings – pendants – stone jewelry.

At our Studio, Jewelry Making is more than learning the “how-to’s” of silver craftsmanship, it’s also about telling stories, keeping memories, making your creativity come true and collaborating with a community of awesome people in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) with the same passion.

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Where are we?

139 Lý Chính Thắng, Quận 3, TP.HCM
26/4 Đường số 3, Cư xá Đô Thành, Quận 3, TP.HCM

Our Daily Life Workshop

A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Where Jewelry Making Comes to Life

At Ddreamer Studio, our workshop isn’t just a place for jewelry making—it’s the heart of our daily operations. As an integral part of our brand, our studio space serves as the creative hub where we handcraft each piece for our Ddreamer Jewelry stores. That’s why our workshops are limited to just a few people per session and are held on selected days, rather than being open for walk-ins.

Crafting Memories, Sharing Stories

We believe in offering a personalized experience, providing a safe and relaxed environment where we can teach you the art of jewelry making while also getting to know you better. Beyond jewelry, we’re here to share local recommendations and tips to enhance your experience in our vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh and beyond. Join us at Ddreamer Studio, where creativity thrives and memories are made.

Elevate your style with Ddreamer Studio's custom jewelry.

At Ddreamer Studio, we also customize one-off pieces for our clients who are looking for unique handcrafted jewelry for special occasions such as anniversaries, engagement rings , weddings rings,… We meet with our clients to get to know more about their requirement and guide them through every step. From selecting the right material, choosing the right size and creating their one-off bespoke pieces. Please feel free to contact us on Facebook if you are looking for someone who can make your dream bespoke jewelry into reality.

When it comes to jewelry, quality is essential. Ddreamer Jewelry uses exclusively silver 925, silver 94, sterling silver 999 and natural gemstones as the primary materials to ensure the best quality for our pieces.

For those with sensitive skin, Ddreamer jewelry is 100% pure and we don’t use any harmful alloys that could cause irritation. You can click here to have a look at our variety categories of fine, handcrafted silver jewelry pieces and the joy of reasonable pricing.

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