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About Ddreamer Jewelry

An Ever-growing Brand Since 2014

Dare to Dream & Trust Yourself

Dare to Dream & Trust Yourself

Dare to Dream & Trust Yourself

Dare to Dream & Trust Yourself

Dare to Dream & Trust Yourself

Dare to dream & believe in yourself

Dare to dream & believe in yourself

Dare to dream & believe in yourself

Dare to dream & believe in yourself

Dare to dream & believe in yourself

Discover Ddreamer Studio

Making the magic of jewelry crafting accessible to everyone.

At Ddreamer Studio, we’re all about bringing the art of jewelry making to life! In 2020, we proudly opened our doors to our creative haven – the Ddreamer Jewelry Making Studio. Here, we’ve made it our mission to make the magic of jewelry crafting accessible to everyone in our community through our lively workshops.

We’re thrilled to be the only studio in Vietnam where you can dive headfirst into the world of traditional Vietnamese silversmithing in a way that’s as exciting as it is informative. Our workshops are not your average crafting sessions – they’re lively, hands-on experiences where you’ll learn the ropes of making stunning silver jewelry from scratch.

From crafting rings to shaping bangles, stringing necklaces to designing earrings and pendants, and even working with beautiful stones, our workshops cover it all. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned crafter, there’s something for everyone in our lineup of basic to advanced workshops.

But here at Ddreamer Studio, jewelry making is more than just mastering techniques. It’s about weaving stories, preserving memories, and bringing your creative visions to life. It’s about joining a community of like-minded individuals in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) who share your passion for creativity and connection.

The History of Ddreamer Brand

The Meaning of Ddreamer

Ddreamer Jewelry is a silver jewelry brand established in 2014 in dear Saigon. “Ddreamer” is an abbreviation of the word “daydreamer” – “Dreamer” – Ddreamer is where many girls’ dream jewelry is turned into reality and also the beginning of many of our own dreams.

Ddreamer’s first dream since its inception was to bring good quality silver jewelry closer to young people at affordable prices. From 2014 to now, the design and quality of Ddreamer’s products have been continuously improved and diversified day by day to bring more choices to customers. Each product is meticulously processed by skilled silversmiths with many years of experience and the quality of raw materials is always a good factor that Ddreamer puts on top in the production process.

Our Materials

Ddreamer’s jewelry is made with 925 standard silver, 94-95% silver, and 99.9% silver purity coupled with Cz stone, a high grade natural stone. We ensure that when Ddreamer-branded products reach customers, they fulfill top quality requirements. With the debut of many more Ddreamer jewelry product lines, we aim to give more diversity in options to customers, with the dream of bringing more quality jewelry designs at reasonable rates to younger generations.

Ddreamer Benefits Jewelry with feng shui stone and handcrafted necklace with a combination of 925 silver and natural stone. Ddreamer creates rings on-site based on each customer’s specific needs and preferences. Each bracelet is one-of-a-kind and conveys the distinct impression of each guest to Ddreamer.

Ddreamer Gold jewelry is designed with a simple and elegant style with 10K – 14K – 18K – 24K gold material. See more about gold jewelry samples here .

Our Passion

The ambition to maintain and expand silversmithing on the basis of tradition mixed with new and modern methods of production motivates our hopes of working in the jewelry business. We believe it would be fascinating if we could bring the jewelry-making experience closer to everyone, particularly young people in the country and overseas visitors to Vietnam. Ddreamer Jewelry Making Studio conducted a series of tutorial workshops on handcrafted silver jewelry creation in 2020 and received a lot of great comments from the community.

Jewelry Customization

Ddreamer receives personalized processing for clients who wish to possess one-of-a-kind jewelry for special occasions such as proposal day, wedding day, anniversaries, birthdays, and so on. Individual designs are expertly handcrafted by Vietnamese jewelers with over 20 years of experience.

Special Thanks

Sincere thanks go out to all of the wonderful customers who have supported Ddreamer in the past. In order to create a Vietnamese jewelry brand that is near to many young people all over the world, we must always maintain the mentality of never giving up as we travel along the path of accomplishing Ddreamer’s aspirations. With each piece of Ddreamer jewelry, we wish to transmit the message of “Dare to Dream & Trust Yourself – Dare to dream & believe in yourself” to more boys and girls.

Ddreamer Jewelry Ddreamer Studio Jewelry Projects Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Branded Boxes

At Ddreamer Studio, we also customize one-off pieces for our clients who are looking for unique handcrafted jewelry for special occasions such as anniversaries, engagement rings , weddings rings,...

We meet with our clients to get to know more about their requirement and guide them through every step. From selecting the right material, choosing the right size and creating their one-off bespoke pieces. 

When it comes to jewelry, quality is essential.

Ddreamer Jewelry uses exclusively silver 925, silver 94, sterling silver 999 and natural gemstones as the primary materials to ensure the best quality for our pieces. 

For those with sensitive skin, Ddreamer jewelry is 100% pure and we don’t use any harmful alloys that could cause irritation. 

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