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Ddreamer Jewelry | Handmade Jewelry Workshops - Rings you can make

Welcome to Ddreamer Jewelry

Craft Your Own Handmade Jewelry and Cherish the Experience

Discover the Art of Handmade Jewelry

At Ddreamer Jewelry, we believe that jewelry is more than just an accessory—it’s a way to express your creativity and individuality. Our handmade jewelry workshops offer a fun and professional environment where both beginners and enthusiasts can learn the intricacies of jewelry making.

Why Make Jewelry?

Creating your own jewelry allows you to design pieces that are truly unique to you. It’s a gratifying experience that combines creativity with craftsmanship. Whether you are looking to make jewelry to sell or just as a personal hobby, our workshops provide the perfect setting to explore this timeless art form.

Where to Make Custom Jewelry?

Look no further than Ddreamer Jewelry for the ultimate experience in making custom jewelry. Located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, our studio are equipped with all the tools and materials you need to bring your jewelry designs to life. Whether it’s a simple ring or an intricate pendant, we’ve got you covered. Check out our simple ring workshop for a great start!

Vietnam's Perfect Souvenir

Taking part in our workshops not only gives you the skills to create beautiful jewelry but also offers a unique cultural experience. What better way to remember your time in Vietnam than to take home a piece of handmade jewelry that you crafted yourself? It’s the perfect souvenir to cherish.

Make Jewelry Shine Again!

Our workshops also teach you how to make jewelry shine again through proper care and maintenance techniques. Learn how to keep your creations looking as brilliant as the day you made them. Learn how to polish using professional tools and how would translate to a DIY at home. For more advanced techniques, you might want to join our silver pendants workshop.

Make Jewelry to Sell

If you’re interested in turning your passion into a business, our workshops provide the foundation you need to make jewelry to sell. You’ll gain valuable skills in both design and production, enabling you to create pieces that stand out in the marketplace. In fact we have trained many others so they could start their own business in other countries and even Arts and Crafts teachers to give their students a glimpse of another career path in life.

Techniques to Make Jewelry with Wire

One of the most versatile skills in jewelry making is wire work. Learn how to make jewelry with wire in our dedicated sessions, offering techniques ranging from simple loops to complex woven designs. These skills add another layer of uniqueness to your creations. You can have a look at our galleries to see what you can accomplish with wire making.

Join Our Private Workshops!

For a more personalized experience, consider our private workshops. Whether it’s a special occasion or a deep dive into specific techniques, our private sessions provide focused attention and customized instruction to meet your needs. We also offer couple workshops for a unique bonding experience.e.

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